Gasunie has the largest and densest gas transport network on earth. It operates over 15,000 kilometres of pipelines in the Netherlands and Germany beneath one of the world’s most heavily populated regions. Gasunie owns and operates the main transmission grid in the Netherlands and northern Germany.

Ever since it was established, Gasunie has played a key role in the energy sector. The name Gasunie stands for experience and the capacity to link social developments to specific technology. The know-how required for this – from the choice of pipeline route up to and including the supervision of contractors - and the experience that has been built up in the management of pipelines has been brought together in a single company. The technical standards applied by Gasunie guarantee the highest levels of safety and quality.

Through Gasunie Engineering B.V., a fully-owned subsidiary of N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie, other companies and organisations can also call on the knowledge and experience that have been built up by Gasunie over more than 45 years. Gasunie Engineering B.V. offers services relating to consultancy, the construction and maintenance of underground (gas) transport systems, engineering, design appraisals, safety inspections and training courses. Gasunie’s Special Assignments Department, which can carry out gas-related jobs and emergency repairs to gas transport pipelines, can also be hired in through Gasunie Engineering B.V.