Thorough preparation

Whether it is a gas transmission pipeline, a compressor station, the planning of an LNG terminal or an underground gas storage facility, the preparatory work carried out by our engineers is vital. Thorough preparation ensures that neither the client nor the contractors are confronted by unnecessary surprises during the construction phase.

Gasunie Engineering B.V. can survey pipeline routes and locations for installations and oversee the license application, as well as establishing commercial rights with landowners. Prior to this, an Environmental Impact Assessment can also be drawn up if necessary. If the route is known, we can study the potential disturbance to flora and fauna and the consequences of any temporary lowering of the ground water level during construction work. Where necessary, we can also arrange for statutorily prescribed archaeological excavations to be carried out.

Technical standards governing quality and safety

During the preparatory phase, but certainly also in the construction phase, Gasunie Engineering B.V. will apply the Gasunie Technical Standard, which has been developed over many years. This is based on international norms, but also goes beyond them. Based on knowledge and many years’ experience gained during numerous large and small projects, we have developed standards that lead to very high levels of quality and safety. The Gasunie Technical Standard is therefore among the world’s most stringent and highly respected guidelines governing the construction and maintenance of gas infrastructures.

The benefits of combination projects

Although we specialise in projects for the gas sector, our staff are also involved in combination projects in which – in addition to the gas infrastructure - other pipelines or cables are also being laid or relocated. If there is only one client, such as a municipal authority, which wants pipelines to be relocated or new pipelines to be laid for development planning, it is logical to have all this work carried out at the same time. Gasunie Engineering B.V. is the most appropriate party to take on this work, since the construction of the gas infrastructure is the most specialist and time-critical from a safety and planning point of view. Moreover, by preparing and carrying out all the work for all the pipeline operators, costs can be reduced and shared.